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Who was the first human to dance?

Dance is an artform that leaves no physical traces so sadly it there is no evidence of mankind's first attempts at moving for the sheer fun of it.

Still, it may be certain that the first humans found their dancing feet shortly after they first learned to stand upright.

Fred Astaire & Ginger RogersDance has served a variety of purposes through the ages with motives as diverse as praying for rain, summoning battles, invoking health cures, instilling national pride, and inspiring romance (or simply because it felt good.)

From ritual tribal dances in Africa, to the alluring rythmic dance movements of ancient India, dance would evolve in Western civilization at the royal courts of Europe where the first choreographed ritual of ballet took shape during the Renaissance.

Evolving with the more formal aspects of the art form were more popular dance steps emerging from traditional folk dancing invented out in the countryside. The most famous of these still survive today in circle dances, Irish step dancing, and in America, square dancing.

Later, the Jazz Age (who wants to jitterbug?) ushered in what would eventually lay the foundation for all modern forms of popular dance including disco and the current urban craze for hip-hop and breakdancing.

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