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Fred Astair, breakdancer
Bridging the gap between early & late
20th century popular dance is this
photo spoof of Fred Astaire, b-boy.


Throughout the history of dance, the royal courts and ballrooms have had their day in presenting new forms of dance to the masses.

Out in the real world, meanwhile, the common folk have always dictated the more popular moves.

Just as modern dance evolved out of traditional ballet, individual expression in vaudeville and dance clubs of the early 20th century evolved into an explosion of ever more daring feats of calisthenics.

More recently in major cities around the world, urban folk dancers also began to hone their skills to a hip-hop and Latin beat. as "takin' it to the streets" took on a whole new meaning.

Around the Web, learn more about modern and urban street dance styles. Check out videos and biographies of the greats in each form, information on what defines each style, and where to find places to learn and perform at top sites offering a multimedia look at bodies in motion ...

also in Dance -> Soul Stepping


Street Dance
- The most detailed and comprehensive look at breakdancing origins and history from (where else?) Wikipedia including related photos, references and resources to more on tap, popping, stepping, salsa, and a host more influences.

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Boogie - The source for all things boogie including history, scholarly articles, and news on modern adaptations.

History of Swing Dancing - Following it from its early days in the 1920's craze for the jitterbug, Lindy hop and the Charleston up to the present day with a comparison list of swing styles, related resources.


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