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dancers wantedNeighborhood dance-offs, dance competition awards, TV shows, and even dance therapy positions have made launching a dance career more popular than ever.

While finding a job in the field is still fiercely competitive, the hunt is becoming easier as more job seekers are able to browse dance job listings from the comfort of their laptops, and save their energy for important auditions and stage performances.

Check out popular sites where dancers go to keep up-to-date on listings and invitations for dancing jobs and auditions worldwide, along with information on career advice, training programs, internships and other ways to get a foot in the door if you're just starting out ...

Find dance jobs and auditions around the Web:

Dance.Net - Dance Auditions
- Check out this premier dance audition boards with posts advertising the latest stage & TV auditions, apprenticeships and training programs in the U.S.

Dance USA: Jobs, Auditions & Internships - An online monthly newsletter featuring executive, management, and administrative listings as well as dance auditions.

Dance Europe Jobs and Auditions Listings - UK-based online magazine with extensive listings of employers looking for modern and classically trained dancers throughout Europe including age requirements, deadlines and related audition info.

Playbill Job Listings - The Broadway based publication with browseable or searchable job postings for actors, dancers and other performers in major and regional productions throughout the U.S.

Actors Equity Association - Casting Calls - Database of U.S. auditions searchable by region or city with actor, dancer, performer, and stage manager postings.

Disney Entertainment Careers - Check out information on events and auditions at Disney properties worldwide.

The Stage: Jobs & Recruitment - The U.K. trade publication's online resource to auditions, backstage, administrative and technical positions.


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