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dragon arm tattooWhat lies behind the huge popularity of dragon tattoos?

Probably the best answer may be found in this pearl of wisdom that suggests that dragons are truly our inner selves : look into a dragon's eyes and see who you are, or want to be.

For centuries, the Chinese people have considered themselves "descendents of the dragon" and families with children born under the chinese dragon zodiac sign are considered very fortunate.

Meanwhile, in both China and in Japanese tattoo design, the carp or koi is a symbol of overcoming immense struggle as it continually swims upstream to reach its destination. If successful, the carp is transformed into a magnificent dragon.

Although the Far East continues as the home to the most homogenous of the world's dragons, other seafaring peoples in Norse cultures saw the Viking dragon only as a fierce, winged fire-breathing creature to be feared or, more preferably, slayed wherever possible. Later, these stories grew to become the stuff of Arthurian legend (also see St. George and the Dragon.)

Elsewhere on the Web, find out more about the history and mystery of dragons, in picture galleries depicting dragon tattoos in all colors, shapes and sizes together with related dragon facts & trivia, inspirational images, and favorite dragon clip art ...

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