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Check good reads and helpful information just up ahead in a survey of the best of literature and storytelling on the World Wide Web.

Spanning the world of authors and literature from the ancient Greeks to the 21st century, online resources also allow instant discovery of contemporary writing and authors - from the up-and-coming, to the merely famous, to rich-and-famous writing celebrities who have become the rock stars of modern literature.

For beginners and those pursuing a writing career, also check out the best writing classes, writer's markets, and related resources including current fiction, poetry, science fiction and more in our guide to finding literary awards, prizes and related information for serious writers around the WWW...

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How to Start a Career as a Writer
Writing tips
If you can't help but write down your ideas, and would love to see them come to life on the page, a career as a writer could be the perfect way to turn a writing hobby in to an enjoyable (and maybe even lucrative) career. Get a handle on what it takes to get over the first inevitable rejection, and learn how to push on to make money by doing what you love ...

Write What You WANT TO Know
Freelance writing tips
Does the advice of countless English teachers and mentors, "Write what you know!" ring in your brain when you sit down to gather article topics? Here is a refreshing counterpoint to that refrain from a successful freelancer that may open your creative talents to new worlds waiting to be explored and developed by your writing skills...

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