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What is world literature?

It used to be a subject of intense debate about what exactly constituted a written work's universal appeal.

Today, the Web has quieted the hoopla about what's accessible by opening up a world of possiblities for readers.

Right from their laptops, those who want to get better aquainted with modern Japanese fiction, or express a desire to delve further into the Bhagavad Gita, are instantly transported to an online translation -- including cultural background, historical notes, and an author's bio!

Did we mention there's been a communications revolution? There's no finer example of it than in instant online access to the great works of literature from around the world and across time ....

More about world literature around the Web:

Invitation to World Literature
- Check out this beautifully presented, interactive online course to selected works including The Tale of the Genji, The Odyssey, Candide, The Thousand and One Nights, and more including videos, maps and timelines.

Words Without Borders - Featuring contemporary writing from around the globe, WWB is the online magazine for international literature, including resources for educators, free newsletter.

Voice of the Shuttle - The mother of all literature and humanities sites with links to English and non-English literary resources, literary theory, media studies, art and art history and lots, lots more.

Western European Studies - Electronic Texts - Check out the United Nations of world literature with links to major sites for literature in 18 categories grouped by language/country.

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