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Pop culture pundits are predicting that morning-after Oscar gossip 'round the water cooler this year will be focused not only on favorite stars and red carpet fashions, but the commercials that ran during the 2005 broadcast.

That is, if advertisers have their way.

Similar to this year's Super Bowl commercial hoopla, an unprecedented number of new commercials will be launched at the upcoming televised Oscar Award presentation scheduled on ABC.

Among them are J.C. Penney, Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch, Procter & Gamble, Cadillac, and Kodak, all of whom will pay an unprecedented $1.6 million per 30-second spot - making it one the most expensive advertising extravaganzas of the year second only to the Super Bowl's $2.4 million price tag.

CareerBuilder's Oscar, for example, will be following up on its recent Super Bowl success with a new ad as part of its very successful "I work with monkeys" campaign.

JCPenney is launching six spots promoting its spring fashion and home furnishing lines, with at least three of them highlighting the retailers relationships with celebrity designers in its "for all the sides of you" spots. The Nicole Miller collection of dressy casual women's clothing premieres in JCPenney stores this month.

Oscar first-timer Michelob Ultra will launch its own commercial featuring buff dudes and curvy babes in a beach volley ball competition.

Baby Clydesdales Oscar AppearanceFinally, Anheuser-Busch will continue to build on its Super Bowl success by airing a Budweiser commercial that was apparently dropped from the original Super Bowl lineup - the anticipated spot about the baby Clydesdales in a snowball fight.

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