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Circular stair, Vatican

Have you ever wanted to see the art collection in the Louvre in Paris or at the Metropolitan Museum in New York?

Do you dream of wandering through the ancient collections of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo or of viewing the artistic treasures of the Vatican Museum in Rome?

On the Web, you can go virtual museum hopping around the planet's great exhibits and art galleries, right from your laptop. If you plan on visiting the top museums of the world in person, you can enjoy a preview of the treasures you'll see when you get there.

Virtual tours include some of the most famous artwork in collections at the greatest international art museums. The tour starts here with a handful of top Web directories that guide visitors to the vast holdings of classical and modern art found in major permanent and featured exhibitions worldwide ...

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More about museums and online collections around the Web:

Artcyclopedia: Museum and Exhibit List - User-friendly setup with a directory to museum holdings for every artistic taste subdivided between U.S. and non-U.S. museums.

Museums and Museum Sites - Looking for a museum anywhere in the world? Check this list.

Museums - Wikipedia - Links to the world's leading art museums organized by country.


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