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Musical noteJust up ahead, find information on classical, popular, Broadway and contemporary composers includerelated resources for the professional musician or aspiring "music biz" star.

Other sites explore the history of music from the medieval music scene to the Baroque's greatest hits, rock and roll and more, plus interactive surveys of both popular and strange musical instruments across time and the Web.

From rap, to classical, to American folk, you'll find the best sites for biographies and information on musicians in all popular genres including the lighter side of opera ....

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Adding Music to Your Web Site
Adding Music to Your Web Site
Many webmasters like the idea of adding background music to their web sites but most shy away from doing it because of large file sizes leading to slow loading pages. There are many different methods to add background music to your site, with some requiring only small files to achieve professional results ...
The Irish Harp Reveals the Irish Heart
The Irish Harp
To tell the history of the Irish harp is to tell the history of the Irish people. Harpers, who in earlier days would have been hanged for their art, now flourish throughout the world, as do the Irish themselves...


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