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How to Paint in Oils

With the popularity of acrylic paint, aren't oils sort of like yesterday's news?

Not hardly.

Oils have been used by such famous painters ranging from Rembrandt to Picasso to contemporary artists.

As the saying goes in art schools around the world, "...if you're going to break the rules, first you have to know what they are" as instructors continue to tutor students in traditional techniques.

For beginners, there's no better way to learn classical painting techniques than with the same materials employed by the Old Masters. Oil as a painting medium has been used for centuries for its rich texture and durability. Renaissance painters prized its increased brilliance and intensity using pigments suspended in a layer of oil that to this day still traps light to vivid effect.

Currently, oil is competing with acrylic paint as the medium of choice among many artists. Odorless and with less cleanup than oils, acrylics are just easier and safer to use.

That said, traditionalists often site oil paint's richer texture and nuance as the deciding factor in opting for the classic medium. Oil paint's slower drying time also allows for blending edges and mixing colors right on the canvas.

Just remember that if you're going the traditional route to observe safety precautions for oil paint, including careful attention to the flammable nature of related cleaning solvents, thinners and varnishes.

That said, learn more about the art of oil painting at top websites featuring more information on the use of oil paint, including related tutorials and demos, plus comprehensive directories for finding local oil painting classes and workshops across the US, Canada and the UK ....

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