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watercolor paintsWatercolors, as the name implies, are paints that are water soluable. Usually, they are applied with soft brushes to canvas or thick paper which can absorb moisture and resist warping.

How watercolors are made include various techniques, and today are available most popularly in either tubes, in sets of 'cakes' (with colors activated by a few drops of water from a wet brush), or premixed in jars.

Unlike oil painting or opaque acrylic paints, transparent watercolor gives a luminous effect to painting that is unique, and in some respects requires perhaps even more skill and control than either oil or acrylic painting. Those who might consider it the "amateurs' medium" might have to think again!

Check out the skills, equipment, and materials required to work in the medium with this survey of the Web's most colorful resources with guides to mixing it up with watercolor ...

More about watercolor painting around the Web:

Painting Resources and Tutorials for Artists - A real find, and a comprehensive, bookmarkable resource to watercolor, acrylic, tempera, gouache demos, tips, lessons and color mixing links courtesy of

handprint : watercolors & watercolor painting - One of the best personal guides to watercolor painting out there, by a witty artist-curmudgeon who offers generous online tutorials, resources, FAQ, a journal, and more.

WaterColor Online - Feature articles and demos, monthly artist profiles, workshops and competitions, links to artists’ home pages, organizations, museums and manufacturers, discussion forum.

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