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taking picturesTime was when taking great photos meant spending years getting to know film speeds, aperture openings, lens and body compatibility, lighting, and many more topics... too many for most amateur photographers.

Today's point and click cameras have changed all of that.

You have a choice to leave all of the complicated settings to the automatic programming and concentrate on getting the pictures you want. That still means that taking great photos involves learning, but the focus is on setting up the shot and choosing what to include and what to leave out.

First, you'll want to learn about photo composition, or arranging your subjects to create a harmonious picture. What about shooting on a cloudy day, or taking expert indoor shots? When should you use your flash and when are you better off without it? How do you capture great nature photography or more dynammic underwater photos?

Like driving a car, some folks just want to step on the gas and get where they're going and others want to understand what is going on under the hood. Both attitudes work well with cameras. If you just want to point and click, you'll be able to take plenty of good photos. If you want to take you photographic skills to the next level, it is now easier than ever.

More information & photo tips for beginners around the Web:

If you need some tips for vacation or family photos, or you've decided to start taking photos as a hobby and are considering photography as a career, these sites can bring you from beginner to talented amateur - and beyond....

Kodak Photos Tips & Project Center
- Whether you want to begin with digital or film, Kodak has the know-how to explain everything in simple, easy to understand articles. They'll explain how to share your digital pictures online, too.

Digicamhelp - Look for help in choosing a digital camera including buying guides, digital camera features to watch for, plus basic photo techniques and tips on editing and manipulation.

Better Photo - Whether you're shooting with a digital or film camera, these articles will get you started and then lead you to even better photos. The links at this site are excellent..

Basic Photography Tutorials - Do the words apertures, shutters and f-numbers make you drop your camera and run? If so, this is the site for you. Lighthearted learning made fun is the essence of these tutorials.

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