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digital cameraDigital photography is becoming more popular with both pros and amateurs. While switching from film to digital is an easy way to cut the costs of family photos, the wide range of cameras, video cameras and combos make choosing the right one a tough choice.

Learn what megapixels mean to your finished photos and what other special terms affect the pictures you'll take.

Should you get a camera-video combo or wait for the technology to improve? How important is telephoto to your shots or does it make sense to skip the cameras that allow for real close ups?

Is the higher price tag camera the better one for what you need or is a simple point and shoot your best buy?

Around the Web, get answers and advice from novice to professional to help with buying decisions, along with tips on getting better pictures with the digital camera equipment you choose.

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Short Courses - Warning... you'll need to bookmark this site. The informative digital photo courses are only the beginning. You'll be coming back here often.

Digital Camera Headquarters - Check here before you buy! Reviews of cameras, advice on using them, a glossary, tips on software and much more. The links are impressive. - This site is amazing. Tutorials, product reviews, news, printers, forums, a powerful digital camera database all in a state of the art Web design.

Imaging Resource - From free tutorials to advice on recovering lost images on disks, this site's insights into working your digital camera are priceless. Check the 'how to' section for advanced tips.

The Internet Brothers - This site is a hodgepodge of how-to and philosophical musings and very nicely put together. The section on digital cameras and photography is simple and extensive. Surf over to their travel photos before you leave.


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