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Kids taking photos with a digital cameraThe great thing about kids? They see the world in a whole new way. And, if you need further proof, just let them loose with a digital camera.

You'll soon be asking yourself why you didn't see that shot, or how you could have composed it better through a child's eye.

Time was when the cost made it difficult to decide whether or not to allow a child to "play" with the family's digital camera. Today, kid-friendly versions -- with sure grips for smaller hands, and no-break casings -- have made buying digital cameras for kids easier than ever.

The value of kids' digital cameras

When first introducing any kind of camera to a child, expect to see lots of out-of-frame or fuzzy shots at first, but it won't be long before their wild creativity becomes fully focused.

This is partly due to how kids see the world - and partly due to how the world sees them. For example, adults at a party or family gathering often get that "deer in the headlights" look whenever they're around an adult with a camera. But they'll take little notice of a camera in young and inexperienced hands. Often it turns out that photos taken effortlessly by kids are the same highly-valued candid shots that even professionals work hours to capture!

In the classroom, meanwhile, more teachers are coming to use digital cameras as a favorite digital teaching tool. Young students see it as a fun activity when asked to take pictures, especially of nature - trees, leaves, toads, birds, clouds or sky. And, for parents, there's no better way to get kids out of the house, kicking up their heels to explore the real world around them.

But perhaps the most valuable lesson is how digital cameras keep little hands and minds fully occupied, or how it increases creativity and self-asteem. "Wow! Look at the shot I got!"

Photo assignments have become the new favorite rainy day activity in some households. It's also a good way to keep bored passengers amused while taking vacation photos or on long road trips - scavenger hunt style. For example, how many red cars (trucks, pickups, Volkswagons) can your kids shoot from the back passenger seat in a single day?

Have fun!

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