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News or media photography is all about taking photos to complement or tell a story. It can be a tough field.

Getting the right picture of a breaking news event can be close to impossible, but when a talented photojournalist manages to capture a great shot - it can become the defining image of an event.

Photo journalism not only requires split-second timing, but talent, skill and discipline.

These links and resources provide examples, info and tips for making your mark....

American Society of Media Photographers
- You might think this site has it all...and you'd be pretty close. News and events, grant announcements, code of ethics, digital pricing and other issues, a long list of links to other resources...Bookmark it!

The Digital Journalist - If you are looking for some examples of the finest in digital photojournalism, this is the site you want. Stop in at the camera corner for some hands on reviews of equipment.

Zone Zero - Online magazine and forum for discussion of issues concerning professional photojournalists. Editorials focus on trends in the field. Hundreds of portfolios and other good things. English/Spanish.

Contact Press Images - Agency site celebrating 25 years in business with several excellent collections online - 100 best, Vietnam and the Beatles. Check their awards for links to organizations.

foto 8 - Documentary photojournalism is the focus of this magazine's site. Loaded with pictures, reviews and links to more resources. The forums are a good place to find others to bounce ideas around with.

EP Editorial - The concept at work is "photographers mentoring photographers". A good site for the novice, but plenty here for the seasoned pro as well. Some good info on stock photography issues.

Frank Niemeir's Photography list - Pages and pages of photographers, associations and news archives. If you want to see some excellent examples of this type of photography, browse through these sites.

Crime Scene and Evidence Photography - How-to's are the rule here, and not for the faint of heart or those put off by crime scene photography. These articles offer tips for anyone interested in documentary or editorial photography.


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