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lion cubsSome of the most stunning photographs in the history of photography have captured nature.

Many pioneers in the field of photography were adventurers who recorded the majesty of uncivilized landscapes and scientists who photographed flowers and animals for academic records.

Although they never considered themselves artists, the evidence of their gifts is clear. From panoramic landscapes to budding flowers nature photography uses many different techniques.

The one personal requirement is patience.

Nature is notoriously uncooperative when it comes to sitting still. So, often nature photography takes hours, or even days to capture the perfect shot at the perfect moment.

And, once you get the "bug" for nature photography, other topics such as wind and weather, ocean tides, the natural cycle of the seasons -- or your preference for morning light over afternoon light -- will conciously develop, as well.

examples of nature photography
Nature photography requires a knowledge of location, wind, weather, and
animal behavior, as well as Zen-like patience to capture just the right shot.

Much like travel photography, nature photography also raises questions about location, or what to bring and how best to protect yourself and your equipment while on the road.

The web holds a treasure trove of information for the beginner with an intense interest in nature photographer, along with tutorials for advanced photographers, and further resources for the professional shutterbug.

Many sites also give some background on the most famous nature photographers, insight on improving your skills, and using light and equipment to your advantage....

More about nature photography around the Web:

Nature Photography Primer - Check out a good discussion and Q&A from professional photographer Bob Atkins with tips & tricks, equipment advice and related resources.

Nature Photographers Online Magazine - It's all here. Online courses, articles, tips, forums, reviews of cameras and bags to tote them in, a section on digital. The searchable archives of past articles is easy to use. Check out the interactive articles.

The Luminous Landscape - Here is another site that offers free online courses in just about any aspect of photography - film or digital - that you need to know about, essays, and other content round out the site.

Wild Things Photography - Lists of hot spots to visit for taking photos of wild things and lots of links to other nature photography sites plus galleries and tips to better pictures.

Nick's Take - Mike "Nick" Nichols shares his experiences wandering jungles to capture nature on film. His articles are full of tips for how to get the best pictures out in the wild.

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