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mother and son portrait
What's the difference between a candid snapshot and a photo portrait?

It's all about the setup.

A well-planned portrait that takes lighting, and pose into consideration - along with props and appropriate backgrounds that reflect the subjects personality - can result in a photo portrait that friends and family can cherish for years.

Spending time with your subjects, enjoying their company, and making them feel comfortable is also required to gain insight into their interpersonal relationships, or capturing an intimate moment that has real meaning for them.

So, beginners beware.

Portrait photography takes more than an expensive camera, technical skillI, or the right lighting. Add to that the stamina of a Hollywood director, and the personality of a skilled community organizer. Only then will you be able to establish your reputation as an expert portrait photographer.

Around the Web, learn the tricks the professionals know; with advice on how to make your own pro portraits including sample shots, and helpful related tips & tutorials to help you quickly master the art of the portrait photo ....


More about portrait photography around the Web:

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- How to pose babies, children and adults, advice on using appropriate props and backgrounds, and a general list of top ten tips.

Portrait photography tips - A hot mess of 1995 Web design. Also be prepared for the intrusive backgrounds, but start getting into the portrait information and tutorials; and you'll soon forget about the annoyance.

EPhotoZine - Portrait Photography - a practical guide - Portraits and people photography techniques, tips and advice are what they offer. Lots of info on lighting, setting up a shoot, and lenses should make your portraits more professional looking. Surf around the rest of the site for related resources on all types of photography.

A Photographer's Sketchbook- Notes on Lighting - One of the differences between a snapshot and a portrait is the use of lighting. This site graphically leads you through several different lighting techniques.


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