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seahorseUnderwater photography evolved from the earliest cameras, invented in the mid-19th century, when explorers and scientists took these primitive inventions along on diving bell expeditions.

Needless to say, with the 30-minute exposure time required, the world's first underwater photographs were nothing to brag about by today's standards. Yet it marked the beginning of a growing interest in a part of the planet most people had never seen before.

Pricing a modern point-and-shoot underwater camera? Expect to pay a bit more for popular digital cameras made by brands such as Olympus, Nikon and Canon with special waterproof-casings to protect the inner workings. Other than that, they work very much the same as a the traditional earth-bound version.

Of course, take them to a pool party or through a driving rain, or capture the beauty of the world beneath the oceans while on a snorkeling or scuba diving trip. Just don't expect underwater cameras to perform miracles, like compensate for murky water or dim light.

Meanwhile, modern underwater cameras has gotten even smaller and easier to use -- including waterproof smartphone cameras which -- while not boasting the best quality results (yet) -- remain completely portable and able to capture up-close underwater views in a snap.

Around the Web, find out more about underwater and specialty nature photography at top sites offering great underwater photography galleries, along with plenty of of tips and tutorials to get your underwater photos looking like they were taken by a pro ....

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