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sculpture magazinesKeeping up to date with the latest trends, who's buying what and which names are setting up shows or installations is just one reason to sharpen your reading skills with these magazines, journals and newsletters.

Finding out what tools are being used, techniques tried and materials employed is always interesting or inspiring.

Then there are the notices of galleries looking for shows, awards looking for submissions, and commissions looking for sculptors - none of which you'll want to miss ....


Sculpture Magazine - The online version of the in-print publication with feature articles, archives. You'll want to take some time to wander through the rest of the site as well.

Sculpture Review - The voice of the National Sculpture Society with emphasis on figurative sculpture including folk, tribal, and modern.

Stonexus Magazine - Only two issues a year are published courtesy of the Stone Foundation, but packed with with information on upcoming industry events and features stories on stone sculpture and architectural carving.

Resource Library Magazine - A real find, with links to thousands of illustrated feature articles on American art from museums, organizations and societies throughout the country indexed chronologically or by institution.

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