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Detail from El Greco's
Portrait of a Sculptor

Whether working with stone, wood, metal or other media, creating new forms from existing material - sculpting - has been a means of artistic expression since prehistoric times.

While ancient sculptures may not seem to have much in common with many of today's pieces, the artist as interpreter of shape and form is a theme that runs through the art form in all cultures.

Where the names of sculptors from antiquity remain a mystery they are simply referred to as "unknown master." Individual sculptors who are known and have left their mark on art history include:


Romanesque Medieval Renaissance


Pietro Vassalletto

Peter Parler

Tillman Riemenschneider

Master Mateo






Modern Classicism



Pierre Puget

Fillipo Parodi

August Rodin

Aristide Maillol

Constantin Brancusi

Alexander Calder

Henry Moore

Isamu Noguchi



Contemporary Sculptors



Anatomy of an Angel, Damien Hirst

Untitled , Kiki Smith

Lady Gaga, Jeff Koons

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Around the Web, discover more about individual sculptors' life and work, their tools and methods, and how they have influenced each other or made individual contributions to art in three dimensions ...


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