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stone sculptor with chisel and small malletWorking in stone is an ancient tradition that is carried on in the modern world.

Although electric and pneumatic tools for working stone provide assistance to some modern stone carvers an sculptors, many of the hand tools and skills that were used in historic times are still the first choice.

As always, sculptors and stone carvers have a special set of challenges that range from finding the best tools to getting a good supply of quality stone to work with.

Luckily, stone quarries that provided the materials to build ancient cities are still mined for limestone and marble today. Along with the necessary tools and supplies, the Web has also made it easier to find stone carving workshops to further their education, provide inspiration, or address the special needs of those who work in stone.

Just up ahead, find a variety of resources for the stone carver and stone or marble sculptor, along with beginner guides to the ancient art ....


More about stone sculpting around the Web: - Marble and Stone Carving Section
- The special needs of artists who work with this medium are often not met by generic sculpting sites. Many do not feature stone carving information or provide a section focused on the resources that are unique to stone. This site does — with a subset of links to stone and marble carvers and sculptors, associations, resources, tools and supplies for the craft.

Stone Carvers Guild - Information Sources - Check out a mini-directory for where to find stone suppliers, tools, and suggested reading., plus surf around the rest of the site for related news and events, member galleries, and other welcome resources.

Sculpture Resources and Tutorials for Sculptors - A mixed bag of useful sculpture related Web resources, information, instruction, employment and safety info for stone, plaster, wood and metal sculptors. The general resources are complete with good info on running a safe shop and other professional issues you will appreciate.

Stone Carving Tutorial - Step-by-step, illustrated guide to types of stone, related tools and techniques, suggested reading.

The Stone Foundation - Not necessarily carving or sculpture, but stone masonry taken to the level of art here at this New Mexico-based society offering an online gallery, news and announcements, online publications, member directory and related resources.


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