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wood sculpture of woman's headThe origins of wood sculpting are lost in the mists of time. It's easy to imagine an early artist peeling layers from a piece of wood that resembled a human or animal, but unlike metals and stone that may last for eons, wood is vulnerable to the power of nature.

Despite the fragility of wooden artwork, there have been rare instances of worked wood found in prehistoric digs. More examples of wooden sculpture from medieval artists show the path that medium took in the move from it's earliest appearance as structural material to art.

Wood brings out the artist in young children and senior citizens. Picking up attractive pieces of driftwood or a branch found on the forest floor during a quiet hike are often the introduction to the allure of wood.

Working in wood can be as simple as sitting on the porch with a pen knife, whittling odd pieces — or as complex as sculpting in a cavernous studio with traditional woodcarving tools or out back with a chainsaw!

We've gathered the Net's best resources for the woodcarver and sculptor offering guides to wood and tool selection and buying, advice on safety issues, directories, related forums, bulletin boards and resources....

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International Sculpture Center - Join an online community for sculptors in all mediums including active forums, educational and technical resources, conferences, events and more.

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