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temporary tattooEven as the rage begins to wane by area or age group, permanent tattoos are being replaced by a new trend for temporary tattoos that allow all the fun - while eliminating all the discomfort of a permanent needle tattoo, or any possible social stigma at school or work.

Gone are the days of "lick and stick" water-based tattoos found in candy wrappers or Cracker Jack boxes. Today, most temporary tattoos are vegetable oil-based, reducing the chance of a smudged or fuzzy transfer.

Probably the best thing about temporary tattoos is that you can experiment with different designs or looks, or fit the tattoo to any occasion, without the high cost or discomfort.

If your budget allows, high-end temporary tattoos involve the use of an airbrush by artists who expertly spray paint through a stencil onto your skin. It lasts for up to a week and is generally considered the professional alternative to a permanent tattoo.

Changed your mind? The experts recommend baby oil for removing most commercially produced temporary tattoos, (or follow directions that come with most tattoo transfers.) Rubbing alcohol may also do the trick, but will dry out your skin in the process.

Feeling creative? Surf around the Web to discover how you can affordably take your custom tat from inkjet printer to transfer in a couple of hours, along with expert advice, health and safety tips, and related photo galleries to inspire you...

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