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Les Miserables Broadway and movie poster
From Broadway to the big screen: Le Miserables 2012

Get a front seat to Broadway listings, news from the West End, and every little theater in between -- together with theater actor bio's, a deep background to the history of world theater, complete scripts from famous plays, theater training, publications, and other resources for those in the biz or who want to get their foot in the door ...

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How to Start a Career in the Theater

Theater jobsIf your love of bright lights and the smell of greasepaint has you thinking about a career in the theater, take a tip from the experts and begin wherever you can - in local or church productions. And, oh, if you're really serious about getting ahead, don't think you can skip the university theater major ....

Quotes - The Nastiest Stuff Ever Said About the Theater

Theater QuotesDespite the obvious glitz and glamour, working in the theater is a job like any other - with backbiting gossip you'd find around any corporate water cooler. Take a trip backstage and check out the worst comments, nasty asides, and more about the best juicy tidbits ever uttered by famous actors, playwrights, and directors ....

How James Earl Jones Turned Fear into Fame

James Earl Jones
It's hard to believe he had to overcome a serious stutter in early childhood. Today, James Earl Jones is now known for his deep authoritative voice as Star War’s Darth Vader, or as Mufasa in the Lion King. He has starred on Broadway, movies, and has been laden with Tony, Emmy and Obie Awards. People look at him now and see a confident actor, but it wasn't always that way ....



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