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"Say, kids, let's put on a show!"

New and innovative ways to finance local
theater includes everything from using
public spaces already available to
online crowdfunding.

Love and passion are important, but it's cold hard cash that makes the theater world go 'round.

Truth is, in the last two decades government funding for regional theater in much of North America has turned into a bureaucratic runaround. The economy plays a part, and so does politics.

Those who continue to follow the traditional way of begging for government money will end up filling out endless forms (and face higher administrative costs) or their creativity is stifled by civic donors who often dictate the terms.

Welcome to the 21st century -- where theater folk are still nothing if not creative. So enter, stage left, new ideas for theater funding.

They include everything from involvement with already-established community groups to innovative partnerships with civic associatons and universities.

Clever PR moves might include holding free kids' theater workshops as a babysitting service to give parents some time off, (thereby winning the hearts of the surrounding neighborhood.)

Raising money for regional theater with crowdfunding is another another recent innovation that shows promise. Some other acting troupes aren't even above holding old-fashioned bake sales or car washing fund raisiers.

Performance space? The old dream of establishing an actual theater building is out. Today, acting companies are more like traveling troubadors who will use any available public space or community hall to present live performances "on the run."

All these new innovations promise to renew the vitality of regional theater and, probably more importantly, puts the focus back on on hiring and attracting better talent, resulting in more memorable performances.

And that, as the old thespian once said, is what theater is all about.

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