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young actress waiting on a casting call lineThe best way to find an acting job in the theater?

Ask any insider and you'll soon discover that the days of snal mailing headshots, resumes and cover letters are long over.

After obtaining formal training as an actor, the fast track to stardom calls for networking with lots of people within the industry and, most of all, finding yourself a good talent agent who works closely with stage casting directors.

Nowadays, getting up-close and personal withe people who matter is usually accomplished during workshops in the bigger cities where actors meet with agents or casting directors one-on-one. For young actors starting out, maintaining a relationship with a talent agent will probably be the most important step in their early careers.

Meanwhile, check out what's going on - online - with great information you can use in interactive databases and job listings in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Europe... as the curtain goes up on jobs for actors, backstage managers, carpenters, artisans and more in our guide to finding a job in the theater .....

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Playbill - Find a Job - Database of U.S. casting calls, as well as backstage, administrative, design and technical positions.

Actors Equity Association - Casting Calls - Database of U.S. auditions searchable by region or city, photo and resume requests, stage manager postings.

Disney Careers - Events and auditions info at Disney properties worldwide, and make sure to check out an extensive list of Disney Parks casting positions in Disney resorts and parks in the US nationwide.

The Stage: Recruitment - The U.K. trade publication's online resource to auditions, backstage, administrative and technical positions.


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