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Comedy dramaEstablishing the basic plot, characters and situations of a play, the written script is the basis for all good theater. Without it, the stage has no set - and the actors no lines to perform!

Schools and community theaters are often interested in good scripts, whether classic or modern, on which they can base a stage performance without the costs of paying copyright and royalty fees.

Around the Web, classic Greek to contemporary play scripts are yours for the asking at these top sites ....

O'Neil eText Archive - The complete scripts of Eugene O'Neil viewable online.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare - Categorized by histories, tragedies and comedies, related links.

The Gutenberg Project - Classic plays of Shakespeare, Goethe, Oscar Wilde and more available as downloadable text files.

Library of Congress, English Language Scripts from before 1920 - Full texts available online. Searchable. Script Archive - Full length plays by Eugene O;Neill and others, plus one act plays, 10 minute plays and monologues.

Read Print - Free books and play scripts including major works by Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, more.

Playscripts,com - Search for plays, read script samples for free, and buy hardcopy books and performance rights online.

Simply Scripts - Plays - One-stop browsing for classic playscripts online in an A-Z list, plus tool around the rest of the site for links to movie script roughs, radio & television scripts.

Skits, Plays & Scripts - Links to drama instructions, reader theater scripts, script writing lessons and more in this resource directory for primary and secondary school student drama classes.


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