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acting studentsAlthough acting geniuses may come along every generation or so, today theater stage acting is like any other business or profession -- only more so.

That is, along with natural talent, solid training counts in the eyes of directors and producers

Add to that the pressure of a highly competitive (and sometimes cut-throat) industry, and chances of an actor landing their first audition may likely double if their resume and educational background can outshine the competition.

Check out all the Web has to offer for more information on top notch acting classes, schools, workshops and university departments, along with resources dedicated to the performing arts, stage acting how to's, career tips & advice ...


NAST - Check out the FAQ for parents and students on the hunt for a drama school, courtesy of the National Association of Schools of Theatre.

List of Theatre, Stage, Arts/Drama, Acting, Performing Arts schools colleges and universities in USA - Check out this directory of top US drama programs. Get started by clicking on the interactive map of all 50 US states.

Show Business - Get Started in Acting - From the TheatrGROUP offering up pages of great advice on headshots, acting resumes, getting an agent, unions, auditions, callbacks and confidence. - A good collection of how to's and professional tips for aspiring stage, movie and TV actors and extras.

Backstage - Advice for Actors - From the industry mag with extensive online resources including tips on getting started & auditioning, overviews of acting careers, how to's for self-promotion, unions and related advice, and lots more with paid subscription.

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