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View from 17 mile drive
If you've ever heard of the breathtaking scenery of California's
17-mile drive .... we're here to report that it's all absolutely true.

Prepare for breathtaking forests, spectacular ocean vistas, and close-up views of birds and wildlife, seals, otters and sea lions. But 17-mile drive is so much more.

And even if you aren't a golf fan, you'll soon realize why anybody would want to play at the mega-course that is Pebble Beach.

Seeing 17-mile drive:

Elephant seal viewing map

17-mile drive map


Ready, Set, Drive

Navigating by car through the drive couldn't be easier.

Start at any one of five entry gates along the route to begin your journey. Admission is $9 per car, but entry is free for those who want to bike or hike along the trail. Don't forget to ask for a map, which easily guides visitors through the more than 20 scenic vistas offering dozens of photo-ops along the way.

The journey begins quietly enough through Del Monte forest with well-marked lookout points at Shepherd's Knoll and Huckleberry Hill for stunning views of Monterey Bay and the Santa Cruz Mountains.

From here onward, the anticipation begins to build as you wind your way long the coast with breathtaking wonders at every turn.

If you're limited for time (the drive can vary from a mere half hour, to an all-day excursion, depending how leisurely you travel) you'll definitely want to see the major attractions.

Here are our top picks:

Nature Lovers 17-Mile Drive Must Sees

Elephant seals
The world famous Lone Cypress.

  • The Restless Sea - this aptly-named spot provides a sea-misted atmosphere and the spectacular power of crashing waves - caused by underwater turbulence from rock outcroppings located offshore at the next stop, Point Joe.

  • Point Joe - Named for a 19th century Chinese fisherman, this is the site where many 19th century mariners crashed their ships in the ocean waters where several currents meet. Today, the result is still a powerful show of nature at her most threatening (or entertaining) -- especially when you're watching the ocean heave and crash from the safety the scenic lookout!

  • Bird Rock - At first glance, this is just a big rock jutting out from the ocean. But look closer, and you'll see that this is no ordinary rock. It's one that's alive with thousands of birds, seals, and sea lions frolicking to their hearts' content as they are protected from modern day noise and traffic lying just offshore. Use your camera zoom or binoculars for close-up views of one of the busiest 'neighborhoods' along the Pacific coast.

  • The Lone Cypress - You'll have to fight-off bus loads of tourists for just the right vantage point to capture the image of this 250-year-old tree, a world famous landmark, that still valiantly clings to life on its craggy perch.

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