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Quick Tips For Creative Grilling

Who says grilling and barbecuing always have to be by the book? Amaze your friends and family this
summer with a new take on barbecue glazes and sauces. All it takes is a slight twist on tradition....

barbecue marinadeIf you're one of the millions of outdoor cooks who spend hours creating tasty meals on the grill each summer (or throughout the year) then why not get creative?

Cooking on the grill doesn't have to mean only burgers and chicken liberally coated with a commercially prepared barbecue sauce.

Creative sauces and glazes are the key to good grilling. Some barbecue chefs spend hours simmering ingredients to produce their signature sauces.

If you are more of a "throw it on the grill and forget it" type, you don't have to skip the sauce. There are quick and easy ways to get top notch glazes for your grill in minutes.

Delight your taste buds by trying some new grilling tricks this summer. Different grilling methods and ingredients can make your classic summer favorites exciting and new.

These suggestions are sure to impress:

shrimp skewers

A splash of Worcestershire sauce,
a little horseradish, plus some tomato ketchup, creates a terrific basting sauce for grilled shrimp skewers.

Burger Delight: A splash of any BBQ sauce, stirred into mayonnaise, makes a zesty condiment for burgers and grilled sandwiches.

Orange Glaze: A splash of HP Sauce blended into melted marmalade, makes a tasty glaze for grilled chicken, or pork.

Fancy Fruit: A splash of barbecue sauce or marinade on fruit such as pineapple or peaches is a delicious addition to any summer salad.

BBQ Bake: To make summer cooking easy, you can use your BBQ not only as a grill but as an oven too - and do all of your cooking in one place: outdoors.

Veggie Dip: A splash of chili sauce stirred into a prepared onion-style dip, makes a sweet-and-savoury treat for veggies or breadsticks to accompany your BBQ favorites.

Make your own brand of barbecue sauce

barbecue saucesFinally, if you're tired of the same ol' barbecue sauce why not go whole hog and experiment with different ingredients?

A basic barbecue sauce consists of sweet and acid - plus your favorite spices. Usually, it begins with traditional ketchup or tomato sauce, white vinegar, brown sugar and garlic powder. But why stop there?

Use apple cider vinegar in your next batch of sauce, or try substituting garlic powder with celery seed. Instead of brown sugar.... how about apple sauce and crushed pineapple? There's even a subsitute for the ubiquitous ketchup. (Simply puree a jar of red peppers. Hint: those with a tomato sensitivity use this trick all the time.)

There's no limit to the flavors you can experiment with -- just make sure you remember the combination of ingredients you used so when it proves to be a big hit with the neighbors you can sheepishly say, "It's my own secret recipe."

Have fun!

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