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Take our surfing challenge and get yourself
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Yuk it up...

First, check out our main course of trivia, fun facts, and useless information.

For the ultimate in brain junk food, may we also recommend bizarre, funny & strange web sites before embarking on a whirlwind tour of April Fools gags & pranks.

Our collection of teen humor is also fresh today.

Where in the world?

Meanwhile, what else is going on in the world? See it all live at world famous webcams.

You can also dig deeper into New York City and Chicago or hop the keyboard over the pond to France with stops in Paris, London, Rome or other popular European destinations. Fun in the sun more to your liking? Walk along the sands of Honolulu, sail the shores of sunny Spain, or scope out directions to Coney Island.

Let us entertain you

For couch potatoes, there are popular movie trailers, and virtual tours of Tinseltown where you can discover how favorite Hollywood stars are making a name for themselves.

Learn something new

Rock the house by learning how to throw a party, plan a picnic, grow petunias, cook a holiday turkey or color an Easter egg, Then really shake it up with great ways to quit smoking, go on a diet, write a resume, get engaged, or learn a new language.

Elsewhere on the Web, check out other ideas for what to do at expert pages on the topic:

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also see for parents-> Rainy Day Activity Ideas

Summer Boredom Busters

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