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Home Designer Tips - Accessorizing Your Windows

curtain rod and finialYou've spent time and energy getting your home decor just right. You have drapes up and everyone tells you how wonderful your room looks.

Why worry about accessorizing your windows?

Just imagine... It's a special occasion, and you want to add something extra to your favorite outfit. An eye-catching belt, an intricate bracelet or a famous-name clutch will do the trick. That small statement will add the spark that makes the outfit shine.

When you want that something extra for a room in your home, the same strategy applies. A window dressing can kick your decorating up a notch from just good to "WOW!"

The key accessories for your window dressing are more likely to be well-selected hardware and dramatic drapery than just the right pair of shoes... but the concept is the same.

"When developing a window treatment you are right to think hard about colors, patterns and textures," says Mary Dobson, spokesperson for Levolor Window Fashions.

"But it would be a mistake to ignore the double contribution that drapery rods and finials can make. I say double, because the right hardware can add extra functionality to window coverings and at the same time can make a strong design statement with dramatic materials and an original new look."

There is no limit to the creativity you can showcase with details. Your rod and finials can be in any style - modern, elegant, cool, traditional, ornate or exotic. They can be in a range of finishes and colors, as well as materials from the warmth of wood, the opulence of ceramics to the strength of metal.

For functionality, a long rod can be used to extend your drapes beyond the limits of the window frame to lend extra importance or size to the window.

For a room with many windows, installing hardware for each at the same height will help create a unified look.

Courtesy of News Canada

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