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Easter Island - A Colossal Attraction

Easter Island statues
Easter Island Fast Facts

Their exact history remains uncertain, but it is estimated that the statues were created sometime around 1000 AD.

"Often referred to as Easter Island "heads", the statues are actually complete torsos which over time have been buried up to their necks in earth and sand.

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Strange and remote Easter Island remains at the top of many lists as a favorite exotic and faraway destination.

Located off the coast of Chile in South America, Easter Island was named for the day it was discovered by Dutch explorers in 1722.

The little island (roughly the size of Manhattan at 14 miles long by 7 miles wide) is, nonetheless, big on colossal attractions.

In particular, there are the ancient and monumental heads that dot the island, believe carved by natives around 1,000 AD.

Today, researchers know that the huge statues, or "moais", were carved from easily worked volcanic rock - found only in an inland area of the island.

But the method by which some of these monoliths were transported throughout the island, using only primitive methods, continues to fascinate.

Various theories on when they were created continues as the Easter Island Project is led by an international team of archaeologists who hint that the statues may be far older than previously thought.

Meanwhile, an opportunity to snap rare photos and meet friendly locals while staying at island guesthouses - makes even a short stopover well worth the trip -- if only to boast of your travels to exotic Easter Island.

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