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Is It Time For Another Baby?
The pros and cons of spacing your children

How soon to have a second baby is a question most first time parents struggle with. You'll hear plenty of advice from couples who waited for a few years and those who have two or more children close in age. Each option has both positive and negative points.

Spacing your children closer together

  • Will decrease the number of years you're in "baby mode"

  • Children who are close in age often make great playmates

  • Children under three require constant supervision - having more than one child under three can be exhausting and overwhelming

  • May make you feel like you don't have time to enjoy each child individually

Spacing your children farther apart

  • Lets you get your body back before going through pregnancy again

  • Allows you more time to get to know and enjoy one child before having the next

  • Can make it difficult to balance children at different ages with different needs

  • A child who has been an only child for several years may have a hard time adjusting to a sibling

Just remember, the ultimate decision about how many children you have and when you have them has to be one that a couple arrives at together. No one else will be responsible for changing diapers, getting messy hugs and worrying about what they will grow up to be. Let everyone offer advice, but rely on your own feelings when it comes to planning your family.


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