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Tips for Investors -- Thrive Online

Where to find expert online information on how to invest and make your money grow...

investing onlineThe news may be that savings is down in the current economy, but if you talk to any of your friends or co-workers, you will find out that investing is up.

Consumers have discovered that putting money into a savings account that may pay less than 3% interest won't keep your savings growing as fast as inflation. Today's savvy saver is looking at investments that return much more than that.

Whether your goal for investing is to provide a good base for the business you plan to start, the house you plan to buy, the baby you plan to put through college or the dreams for your retirement, you want to find the best way to make your money grow...and a single digit interest savings account doesn't fit those plans.

Individual investments in the stock market are being pushed as a good long term hedge against inflation. Investments in mutual funds or individual stocks may just be the growth base you need for your future college or retirement funds.

"A street savvy investor can
beat a savings account
return in most cases - and
that's the goal.

If you are interested in getting into this area or learning more about the ups and downs of the bull and bear markets, you need access to unbiased, knowledgable experts. You want to find out about the latest news and rumors that may cause upswings and downturns. You may need a ticker or two to watch your investments... and all of this needs to be in a clear and simple format that you can understand. You need someplace that will explain that a small cap is not the headgear that you buy for a two year old and a hedge fund has nothing to do with gardening.

Which are the top sites that online investors visit to provide what they need to know to get excellent returns at minimum risk? Nielsen//NetRatings NetView took a look at their data and came out with a list of the most visited sites devoted to the subject of investing in stock, bonds, mutual funds and more for the beginner and seasoned investor...

Top 10 Online Financial News and Information Destinations

  • Yahoo! Finance

  • MSN Money

  • CNNMoney

  • Dow Jones Online [Market Watch]

  • Reuters

  • [You'll need to close the ad 'welcome screen']

  • Motley Fool


  • American City Business Journals Network

  • Source: Nielsen//NetRatings NetView

    All of these sites are chock full of facts and expert opinions that can help you make the right decisions when it comes to investing for your future. You'll find a good mix of the latest news, articles suggesting which way the market is heading and what you can do to increase your earnings.

    No one can guarantee that your money will grow faster than it would in an insured savings account. Make sure that money you invest is money you can afford to risk. But a street savvy investor can beat a savings account return in most cases - and that's the goal.

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