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How to Turn an Auto Repair Hobby Into a Career

Starting up a career in auto repair?
First, you need to get up to speed
on the latest in computerized
& electronic systems.

For car enthusiasts who spend hours playing around under the hood of their car, or who find friends, family, and even perfect strangers picking their brain for advice on do it yourself car repairs, a career in car maintenance and repair might be the perfect way to transition into a profitable career.

The exciting news for hobbyists is that automotive technology is rapidly changing. Today, most new car and trucks use sophisticated electronics, and will require specialized training for most people to be able to understand and repair properly.

The tools that auto mechanics and automotive technicians use are also increasingly sophisticated, and most hobbyists won't have the opportunity to learn how to use these complex, expensive tools without proper training.

This isn't to say that on-the-job training isn't available from a professional repair shop, but it is generally recommended that those looking to build a career as an auto mechanic get some vocational schooling before they embark on job hunt. This can only increase the chance of getting hired and on the fast track to advancement.

What car repair hobbyists do have going for them right now is their desire to learn more about the latest innovations coming off the assembly line.

Enthusiasts with enough interest to keep up with this rapidly evolving industry will find themselves at the forefront of the industry, quickly rising through the ranks and rapidly advancing in skills and pay.

For those currently working in the US automotive repair industry, the average wage is more than $16 an hour. Job prospects for the industry are also quite good, as the number of cars on the road is expected to keep rising, and this means an ever-increasing demand for skilled workers.

Those looking to stay ahead of the curve and guarantee themselves a job in the coming years should also consider learning about cars powered with alternative energy sources, such as electricity. Electric and hybrid cars make up a tiny portion of the cars on the roads today, but that number will only go up in the coming years as dwindling supplies of oil struggle to meet the need for speed.

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