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How to Start Up A Career in Cleaning Services

Workers in domestic and
commercial cleaning, as well
as cleaning industry franchises,
are always in steady demand.

Have you always wished the rest of the world could clean up after itself, but desperately needs you expertise to do it for them?

College students and part-time workers are able to tap their inner neat freak to make good money right away, by starting their own small business and hiring themselves out on weekends to homemakers, small businesses or community organizations.

From there, you can build a reputation and start your own cleaning empire by organizing other employees. One such enterprising individual in New York City did just that in her early 20's and now enjoys an income of six figures mainly on her reputation for hiring the best people to do the dirty work on time and within budget.

If you happen to live in a major metro areas, government jobs are a great place to start — which can earn you top dollar and union benefits keeping civic buildings clean and maintained, with no college degree required. Tasks may involve cleaning floors, windows, or removing rubbish, and in suburban areas especially, doing minor upkeep such as cutting grass, painting, or even some carpentry, so any skills in those areas would certainly come in handy.

Within the growing commercial cleaning industry services industry, job opportunities are plentiful. There is a high turnover rate due to the fact that most jobs are performed after the rest of the employees have gone home, meaning most cleaners work the night shift. For some people this might be a drawback, but for others, this could be just one more bonus.

Salaries for jobs within the industry vary greatly, but demand has always remained steady, and the current projected outlook is better than most.

As more families become two income households, the need for domestic workers continues to rise. And as the general population ages, that means more elderly people requiring help with everything from cleaning carpets and floors, furniture and drapes, to light landscaping and painting.

There's money to be made from a passion for cleaning and maintenance, and depending on your energy levels and motivation, a great opportunity in cleaning up — no matter what the economic climate.

More about cleaning industry jobs & career around the Web: - How to Start a Cleaning Service - A complete guide with tips, advice and information on starting an individual business, joining a franchise operation, with overviews of domestic and commercial cleaning businesses, hiring, billing and marketing your services, with related resources and suggested reading.

Occupational Outlook Handbook - Building Cleaning Workers - US Department of Labor guide to required skills and education, an overview of a typical work environment and hourly wages, and projected job outlook. - The online edition of the industry magazine with community forum, free membership information, blogs, a library of professional cleaning tips, and Ask the Experts submission form.

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