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How to Start a Career in Crafting

Handmade crafts
Crafting careers range from working with
paper, textiles, glass, wood, stone, metal
or clay to make unique, one-of-a-kind
art and handicrafts.

Love creating hand-crafted gifts for friends and family? Have a good business sense for what the crafting market will demand - and pay you for - unique handmade works of art?

For amateurs who have a talent for making clever and beautiful craft pieces, there are a variety of ways that may one day lead to dropping the traditional 9-5 job to sell your handmade crafts.

Wood & stone carvers, jewellers, potters, stained glass artists, and textile workers all employ unique skills to shape their materials so the skills necessary for a career as a craft artist vary.

However, a creative mind combined with a good work ethic generally holds great promise for any crafter. And, since many of them are necessarily self employed, a natural head for business and a special feel for marketing and public relations are also absolutely essential for building a successful career.

In fact, a good business sense can be the determining factor in how much a craft artist can make. Success at displaying at craft fairs and studios (and increasingly in online crafts directory sites and galleries), almost entirely dependent on your ability to show your work to best advantage. Photography skills and copywriting ability (or hiring someone else to do it for you) are also important for producing marketing brochures as well as online displays.

Selling your crafts

A crafting career is just that, and entails not only finding quality time to create, but organizing your day to schedule the equally-important business of crafting.

This may include networking with other professionals in online craft forums, for instance, or for buying materials and supplies, bookkeeping and accounting, developing sales leads, or for keeping on top of upcoming venues.

The good news is that the job outlook for craft careers is surprisingly high, compared to other 9-5 industries, but this doesn't change the fact that there is, and likely always will be a high amount of competition. A craft artist will have to work hard, and match their creative talents with a passion for handcrafting a successful business and reputation within the industry..

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