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How to Start a Career in Fashion

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Love to sew or knit? Have you often deviated from that manufactured pattern to create an original design all your own?

Then a career in the fashion industry might be an ideal way to turn a fashion hobby in to an enjoyable career.

As you probably already know, designing and creating a piece of clothing can seem deceptively easy, when in reality these are actually skills that must be earned with a great deal of practice, and the skills necessary for a career in the fashion industry can take a long time to acquire.

However, don't immediately buy into the myths about breaking into the fashion industry. A full quarter of the fashion design industry is self employed, which means that for a dedicated individual schooling might not be necessary. A very skilled self-taught hobbyist (who does not happen to live in New York or LA) could start their own business or impress a designer enough to land an apprenticeship.

However, many fashion employers require a two or four year degree, where students learn everything from the differences between fabrics, to how to construct a prototype, or even how to use computer programs to aid in the design process. Other natural talents, like an eye for color, proportion, balance, and a good sense of beauty are difficult to teach but entirely necessary for a successful career in the fashion industry.

Fashion is big business, and there are plenty of jobs within the industry that don't revolve around creating clothes.

Designing shoes, belts, jewelry and fashion accessories are additional opportunities that exist within the industry, and anyone with a good business sense could easily start a clothing boutique or other fashion related business — such as interior design or fashion merchandising.

Those looking for a job in the fashion industry should know that projected growth as a whole is expected to be below average, and competition for jobs in the fashion industry always remain high.

Stories about toiling as an apprentice for low wages are legendary throughout the industry, but for those who eventually do achieve success, salaries in the US range from $60,000 to $100,000 per year.

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