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How to Turn Your Knitting or Sewing Skills into a Career

Handmade crafts
Expertly crafted knitting or sewing
projects can be marketed at local
shops, craft fairs, or online.

For those who get all warm and fuzzy thinking about knitting or sewing for hours (or can who start sizing up relatives months before Christmas to get that perfect sweater completed on time), sewing or knitting may be the perfect way to turn an engrossing hobby into a steady money stream.
Nowadays, young hobbyists stand their best chance of establishing a full-time or part-time career by becoming entrepreneurs and selling their wares at local craft fairs, knitting expos, neighborhood shops, or over the Internet on websites such as

Doing these kinds of jobs, of course, calls for excellent people skills and a head for business. Besides natural talent, your career is almost entirely dependent on leaving your comfort zone and "getting out there."

Marketing or business classes will also help, but an intuitive knowledge of start-up costs, what will sell, pricing, and how to reach prospective buyers can probably best be achieved only by spending time with others in the field.

This may also entail networking with other knitters in online craft forums, for instance, or joining professional organizations like PAAC or the The Knitting Guild Association. Sharing your expertise on your website, via illustrated instructions or educational videos, is another way to show off your beautiful handmade creations and will help establish your professional credentials.

Have fun... and good luck!

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