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How to Start a Party & Event Planning Business

Handmade crafts
Party or event planning entails everything
from coordinating family get-togethers
and elegant weddings, to corporate
meetings and special events.


For those who love to play host to friends and family, and who always have a knack for creating a fun and festive party atmosphere, a career as a party or event planner may be the perfect way to turn a natural talent into a fantastic career.

Party and event planning are ideal careers for those with experience because, while a college degree can be useful, it is by no means a requirement.

Party planners should be organized and excellent multi-taskers, and should have excellent interpersonal and people management skills, particularly when organizing corporate events and fundraisers.

To build upon a startup party planning business, knowledge of more than one language may come in extremely handy, as well.

Industry-related courses and degrees such as those in hospitality, sales and marketing may teach some of these skills, but often it is people who are naturally adapted to this kind of work who really excel.

About five percent of the party and event planners who work in the industry are self employed, but generally they start out working for more experienced planners, doing a fair amount of learning on the job. This usually entails becoming familiar with caterers and entertainment vendors, florists, local party venues, as well as party and invitation etiquette.

"There are always weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, and milestone birthdays being planned whatever the economic climate..."

Depending on location and qualifications, the average salary for a party or event planner is about $42,000 a year.

Within the next ten years, the job outlook for party and event planning business is projected to be good, but the industry is fairly dependent on the state of the general economy.

In fact, wherever business is doing well and expanding, more events and parties will be taking place, and more planners will be in demand. Even so, there are always weddings, anniversaries, family reunions and milestone birthdays being planned whatever the economic climate.

In an increasingly borderless world, where businesses and organizations often expand to foreign countries, corporate event planners with second languages and a good understanding of foreign cultures also will be in especially high demand.

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