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How to Kick Off a Career in Sports

For those who love athletics and competitive play, and who are naturally gifted at basketball, football, baseball or other sport activity that they love, a career as a professional athlete or possibly a coach or a trainer could be the perfect way to turn sports and athletics into a satisfying and possibly even lucrative job.

Professional athlete is without a doubt one of the most sought after careers in the world. Popular sports and athletic pursuits are often different from country to country, but the competition is almost always high as athletes reach the professional or even Olympic level.

Usually, successful professional athletes usually have exhibited natural ability in teen sports that they can later upon. The competition in professional sports is often so fierce that those without natural ability, or those who start to develop themselves later in life, won't have nearly as good of a chance of reaching the professional level.

For those who do show natural ability several skills - like dedication, self-motivation, and raw desire - will be essential in attracting team scouts or offers of college sports scholarships. Professional athletes train a lot, typically hours a day. Professional athletes also usually have coaches, training staff, or mentors of some kind who push and help motivate them to achieve their high skill level.

Of course all it takes is one bad injury to ruin many professional athletes' entire careers. So a backup plan is always a good idea whenever embarking on a sports career.

Many athletes who achieve a high level of skill can go on to be trainers, coaches, or some other kind of related industry work. That is, provided they have the necessary credentials for these support jobs, which can include certification in sports medicine or athletic training.

The job outlook for professional athletics will be good for the foreseeable future, with industry growth expected to be higher than the national average. Competition for jobs, however, will still remain extremely high.

The average pay for professional athletes is just over $40,000 a year, but anyone who has read the latest sports headlines knows that top athletes "in the majors" or who earn Olympic gold can earn significantly more in addition to lucrative endorsement deals.

For coaches, trainers, and scouts, the average yearly earnings are about $27,000, although that figure also varies widely depending on professional experience and reputation.

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