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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Weeds & Garden Pests
Do It Yourself Tips & Recipes for Home Gardeners

Lady bug - a natural garden pest repellentProtecting their plants while protecting the environment, more gardeners are deciding to "go green" by practicing safe and natural ways for controlling or eliminating common garden pests and insects.

By getting back to basics for a healthier lawn and garden, you can keep family and pets safe from harmful chemicals found in many insecticides and pest deterrents.

You'll not only save money, but at the same time help preserve natural resources by avoiding runoff of toxic chemicals into the air and groundwater.

Just up ahead, discover time-tested recipes for keeping your garden green with ingredients that can be found either in the kitchen pantry or at your local home garden center:

Homemade and natural bug & garden pest repellents

Bar soap: Simply put, deer hate the smell! Hang several extra-fragrant bars in net bags about 3 feet from the ground to keep deer from regarding your plants as their personal feed store.

Liquid soap: 4 parts water and 1 part liquid is a great non-toxic remedy for white fly infestations on basil, tomatoes, and other plants. Place the solution in a spray bottle. Aim and fire.

To help deter mosquitoes, try using lemon-scented dish soap and water (a cheaper alternative to citronella candles) to spray around the backyard or wherever mosquitoes become a problem.

Vegetable oil: Mix with liquid soap for a non-toxic remedy for aphids by simply mixing 1 cup vegetable oil with 1 tablespoon liquid soap per cup of water. Pour into a handheld spray bottle and liberally spray infected leaves.

Beer: It's well known that slugs can't resist hoisting a few, especially after hours! Treat them to a shallow dish or saucer of beer where you know they will congregate. By morning, you’ll find a dish filled with dead slugs.

Human hair: Yes, human hair has been frequently reported as another sure-fire deterrent for deer. Place in net bags and hang about 3-feet from the ground to help shoo away any doe-eyed predators. If you plan on cutting your own or the kids' hair, put it to good use by recycling it in the garden.

Fox urine: Available in most garden centers, nothing frightens away mice, rabbits, skunks, and chipmunks better than the smell of a dangerous predator.

Lady bugs: Cute and colorful, lady bugs will earn their keep by voraciously eating aphids and other unwanted insect pests around the garden. Attract them by planting geraniums or cup-shaped flowers such as tulips and lilies in spring. You may also shop around at local nurseries or order ladybugs online for speedy home shipment.

Natural weed killers for the home garden

bleach and vinegar for pest controlVinegar: Although usually not strong enough to kill older weeds, vinegar makes for a quick and lethal acid bath for younger and emerging plants. The higher the concentration, the better it works so pour it right out of the bottle, or ask your local garden center for a stronger horticultural grade vinegar solution.

Boiling water: Fire up the tea kettle and pour boiling water right over the weeds to effectively "cook" the leaves and their roots.

Bleach: A powerful stain remover, it also works as weed remover to effectively eliminate leaves and roots.

Salt: The old standby is safe and effective when used between bricks and patio tiles. However, avoid sprinkling it around the rest of the garden or nothing else will grow.

Corn gluten meal: This powdery leftover from the corn milling process is a very effective plant food and weed suppressor available at most garden centers. It’s safe for pets, plants and shrubs, and it won't burn your lawn.

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