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How to Find a Recession Proof Job

Job huntingHeading into the 21st century, job seekers are finding themselves facing one of the worst recessions in years.

However, many sectors of the job market will remain strong despite the economic gloom.

While no job or industry is entirely safe during times of economic change, some have proven their longevity through both good times and bad. Meanwhile, emerging industries show great promise in their staying power in the years to come.

Here are some of the best bets for weathering the storm:

Health care : As baby boomers age, there is increasing demand for health care services especially in the field of nursing and geriatrics, or caring for the aged. Opportunities also abound for medical assistants and technicians, physical therapists, physicians assistants and home health aids.

Education : Qualified teachers are always in demand, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, although with the proviso that teaching jobs are more easily found in regions experiencing high population growth.

Energy : As the planet's energy reserves are depleted, more jobs open up in the areas of oil, gas, alternative & nuclear energy to meet international demand.

International careers : In an increasingly global economy you can write your own ticket if you have can speak a foreign language and are familiar with other cultures and business customs.

Environmental jobs : For the foreseeable future, eco-careers will experience continued growth calling for professionals with "green" skills to help combat global warming in the areas of waste and recycling, building construction, agriculture and nature conservation.

Security & law enforcement : The need for law enforcement never ends (and often rises during hard economic times) so expect a steady need for city police officers and airport security personnel, as well as a continued spike in Homeland Security jobs over the next several years.

Repair services : Simply put, consumers are more likely to decide against buying new, and opt for repairs whether its going to an auto mechanic, small appliance or washing machine repair service.

Customer support : Good people skills are always highly valuable in business, but especially in recessionary times when the need for friendly, professional customer care is at a premium.

Administrative assistant : This traditional entry-level position is the one that also has the most turnover, translating to an ongoing demand for skilled workers to help keep companies humming.

Food : No matter how bad an economic downturn, people need to feed their families. Grocery stores and supermarkets continue to boom as consumers shun high-priced restaurants to eat more affordably at home.

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