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Getting To Know the Russian People

If your city is big enough I am sure you've seen those tourists flooding the place. What chance do they have to actually see the town?

Buying a bus tour, visiting some museums... it's a pretty standard program that is informative and boring at the same time. I bet anyone who has lived in that city long enough could tell a lot more interesting story, but how can you make them share?

This is especially true in the context of Russian culture whose people are famous for their hospitality. (Did I mention lots of Russians under 35-40 speak pretty good English?)

russian people young and old

Here's a little secret that will help you look at Russia at a more personal angle:

Do you have a hobby? Do you like fishing? Do you love blues? Play harmonica? Fond of Elvis? Have a motor bike or an MTB? Are you a fan of your Subaru car? Find an internet community/forum related to your hobby. Ask if there are any Russians in the group and make friends with them! You're guaranteed a hearty welcome and an interesting visit to Russia.

Trust me, it works.

When I was planning to visit Tucson, AZ, I contacted a local skating community a couple of weeks before the trip. As a result, someone would pick me up at the hotel where I lived and bring to the place where a skate would originate. It was no formal ride in a tourist bus with a guide wearily telling the tourists the same story for the 2,000th time!

Taking pictures in Red Square, MoscowIt was real communication with people who were interested in me, and I got a lot more insider information from them than I would from a tour program. Places to eat, places to visit, bike routes, the best photo angles, you name it!

When I get to welcome people from Singapore, U.S., Australia, Great Britain or some other country where they speak some English (it's the only foreign language I know) here in Russia I am always happy to have things to tell and places to show them.

It's a lot different from a commercial tour. And a lot more personal!

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