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10 Minute Easy Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts

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How wonderful it is to receive a homemade gift, especially since the thought and effort needed to make Valentine's Day craft projects, baked goods, or Valentine candy bouquets really does take a lot of time, and talent.

Or, does it? Thought and effort, yes, but time and talent? Not necessarily.

Here are a few of the latest little tips and tricks for producing easy homemade gifts in just 10 minutes:

homemade Valentine's Day giftCandy jars
: Save old jars, or buy new ones, and fill them with colorful, wrapped or unwrapped candy. To create a decorative lid, cut a brightly colored square of material, large enough to cover the neck of the jar with several centimeters on all sides to spare. Tie it with a contrasting ribbon, creating a bow, or make lots of curlicues.

valentine tea
Valentine tea
: For tea lovers, this gift will be remembered everytime they have a soothing cup. Just replace the tag with a heart shape made from red construction paper. Attach with a staple or adhesive tape. Place tea bags in a jar or container and tie it up with a big red ribbon.

Pretty planters
: Flowers are abundant at this time of year, and they make great gifts. Take a pretty cup and saucer or decorative mug, line the bottom with a piece of florists foam, soak it in water, then pick some of your garden flowers, or wildflowers to place creatively in it. Tie a bow to the handle, and you have a pretty homemade Valentine's bouquet.

lollipop bouquet
Lollilop bouquet:
Buy a bag of assorted lollipops and a large mug at the dollar store (or use one you already have). Tie up your bunch of lolllipops with colorful twist ties or ribbons and decoratively arrange the candy inside the mug for a 'sweet' floral display.

valentine's day candle

Easy Valentine's Day candle decoration:
Buy a large red candle and some dried flowers and arrange on a plate. Tie it up in cello wrap with a brightly colored ribbon and present it as a festive centerpiece to an appreciative party host or hostess.

Source: - News Canada

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