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picking out drapery fabric

Whether you are moving in and decorating or redecorating a room that you've lived in for years, thinking about what to do with the windows is always fun.

Whether you go with modern or classic window treatments, they will be the finishing touch that completes the room. Making your own window treatments is one project that you can be sure everyone will notice!

Start with a plan

Before you actually get to work on the decorating, there are a few tasks to get out of the way. You'll have to decide which of the choices in window treatments will work best in your rooms and with your windows. Check out these articles that deal with what to take into consideration,

Time To Get Started

Once you've decided on whether you're going to go with shades, blinds, swags or for over the top elegance with floor length drapes and cornices, it's time to start measuring and ordering...

Online Measurement and Design Tools

A few of the stores that sell or manufacture window treatments, blinds, fabrics or other components of the look you have in mind have made life a bit easier by adding interactive tools to their sites. You can change treatments, wall colors, types of windows and more to see if the effect you want will work once it's on the window. This can save a lot of time in the early stages of your project so pay them a visit to test out your designs.

Window Treatment Online Design Tools

Custom made orders - Time to order

If you've decided to go with custom made treatments, double check your measurements or call in an in home consultant to make sure you are exactly on the money with lengths, widths and heights. Custom orders are cut and made to your specifications.

If you give the wrong information, you are responsible for the results. You will have to pay for blinds or shades or that don't cover your window correctly or worse, that can't be raised and lowered.

If you double check the measurements and make sure you have everything right before you place the order,. That way you know that any mistakes will be the stores responsibility. If you order over the phone, make sure to follow up with an email or letter so you have your order in writing. Then, if there are any problems, it's clear where they originated.

Drapes, curtains or other fabric window treatments - Time to find a pattern

Unless you are at a designer level with sewing projects, you will need a pattern to cut your fabrics. Besides giving you exact directions for cutting the material, the pattern will tell you how much material you need and what types of material work best for the project. Most patterns will also have lists of other things, like hardware, finishing touches and accessories that add to the professional look of the finished window treatment. And, yes, there are good sources for finding window treatment patterns online...

Sewing Patterns for Window Treatments

Get fabric swatches

woman choosing drapery fabric swatchesYou'll have one more design step before you get started. You've already chosen the color, patterns and fabric type for your swags, drapes or curtains. Before you buy yards or meters of expensive fabric, ask for swatches. Look at the colors in the room where you'll hang the finished piece. Does the light in your room change the color? Does it really go well with the rest of the room? Is the choice of fabric right? Velvet drapes may look great on paper, but in a room with a country theme, you may not like the total look.

Once your fabrics have passed the swatch test... it's time to order the fabric, open the pattern and get busy sewing.

Sewing forums are a great resource

It doesn't matter how inexperienced or expert you are. Big sewing projects sometime lead to frustration - and window treatments are a big project. The good news is that there are sewing forums online - groups of people who know the answers to the problem you've run into and can get back to you with a quick solution. If you hit a snag with the material, your sewing machine or the way the pattern pieces are fitting together, just pop into a forum and find someone who will lead you out of the mess and get you back on track.

Sewing Forums Online

When you're all done, take a few pictures to share with your new forum friends. The just sit back and enjoy the new look you've created. Don't be surprised when people ask where you got the new window treatments professionally done!


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