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How to Winterize Your Skin

Winterize Your Skin - Photo courtesy of Metro Creative GraphicsAs the temperature drops your skin may need a little extra attention. Cold, dry air and indoor heating can rob your skin of essential moisture and lead to dry, cracked, itchy and uncomfortable skin.

There are some easy ways to show your skin some TLC this winter. Sarah Tattersall, winter survival specialist from 3M Canada, offers the following tips and advice to keep your skin healthy and happy this winter:

Moisturize early and often - Regularly apply a heavy moisturizer skin cream several times daily to seal in the moisture and replenish rough, cracked or scaly skin. Look for oil based moisturizers to seal in your skins natural moisture even on the driest days.

Time-tested ways to reinvigorate dry and cracked skin include natural ingredients right from the pantry shelf ...

Try natural cures - Time-tested ways to reinvigorate dry and cracked skin include natural ingredients right from the pantry shelf!

These include olive oil, coconut oil, and even honey, that act as moisturizers for dry lips and cracked skin around elbows.

A homemade mixture of olive oil, sea salt and lemon (3 tablespoons sea salt, 1 tablespoon olive oil, and the juice of one lemon) can also serve as a wholesome body scrub to leave your skin feeling incredibly soft.

And, don't forget the aloe. Although the popular gel is more often thought of as a summer skin protectant, aloe is good to use year round for its amazing healing powers for cuts, bruises, and cracked or dry skin.

Cold and flu defense - Most colds and flu viruses are spread by direct contact so it's important to wash your hands thoroughly several times a day. An antibacterial gel is an effective and hygienic alternative to soap and water to ward off germs and bacteria.

Don't forget the sunscreen - While it may feel cold outside, snow reflects sunlight, doubling the damaging effect of the rays. Wear sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 at all times when outside.

Use a humidifier - Indoor heat tends to add to dry skin problems. A humidifier replaces the moisture in the air and helps keep your skin from drying out.


More remedies for dry skin care around the Web:

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