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beerDoes anything beat a cold brew on a hot day or a few pints with friends at the local in the evening? Where would picnics be without beer... and who would eat all of those little salty nuts if not for the dedicated beer drinker?

If all you know about beer is a six pack at a football game, welcome to the world of great beers.

Find out about the taste, scent and look of brews that will open your eyes to a whole new beer experience. Not just dark and light beers are represented. There are fruity beers, stouts, beers that have been brewed by the Trappist monks for centuries, beers that are the creation of new boutique microbreweries, and many more.

There are areas of the world where fine beers have always been brewed and appreciated. The rest of the world is waking up to the fact that beer is a diverse as wine and can be as welcome as champagne at a celebration. There's much more to beer than the supermarket six pack that serves as a college party staple.

Tasting a really fine beer will change your whole idea about what beers should be. You may even find yourself hosting a beer tasting party to share the fun of discovering new brews with your friends or brewing your own specialty ales.

These sites celebrate the fun of drinking a brew that kept Noah company on the ark and has remained popular ever since. There's a selection of magazines, brew your own info, microbreweries and more at these top sites...

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More about beer around the Web:

Beaumont Drinks - With more than 10 years online, Steven Beaumont has an amazing collection of articles, tasting notes and musings on beer and how to enjoy it. You'll want to bookmark this one. There's too much good stuff to take in in one visit.

Brew Your Own - If your interest in beer extends beyond finding the latest microbrewery and you want to get into making some brew of your own design, this magazine has info and articles that can help you get the hops turned into suds.

Real Beer - No brew your own info here, but everything else. News, a forum, articles, contests, quotes, lists of breweries and humor all put together is an easy to use package.

Home Brew Talk - This forum covers beer making equipment, recipes and more. There are also wine sections, but they are not active at this point. The links from this site are a bonus with plenty of good sites listed.


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