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old spice advertisementThe combination of psychology, sociology, statistics, economics and many other areas of expertise that can punch a whole through the consumer marketplace for your product or service is what is known as ....advertising, and it's not an easy thing to do.

While the business of advertising may not be well understood by by those outside the industry, even professionals may struggle with just the right mix of research, audience targeting, and all-important execution of an ad campaign that cuts through the clutter to become truly memorable.

Good advertising starts with understanding the factors and forces that make an advertisement work or flop:

• Does the ad inform, entertain, or inspire?

• Is the ad promising something new, different, unique?

• Are you putting your ads in places where customers can see them?

• Are you using trigger words and calls for action?

Anyone can put together and advertising campaign. Few can do it well. Around the Web, take the time to learn about what the experts know. A firm background on how advertising works will help you avoid the pitfalls of bad ads, and is an effective way to work with agencies you hire.

Just up ahead, a look at the modern advertising industry, including helpful tips from the top advertising/marketing agencies, plus mega-lists of related resources. additional info on Internet advertising and professional help from marketing pros and PR agencies ...

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